• full Birth Planner by mokoshka in English

• Birth Plan Template + Choice Tiles in Polish to create a complete Birth Plan (no knowledge of Polish required whatsoever)


Having a Birth Plan in Polish at hand in the hospital improves the chances of your needs and wishes being understood and heard, and therefore of your birth going as you would like it to go without getting lost in translation.


With this set, you can fully enjoy the process of exploration of your own birth vision provided by the Birth Planner and create a Birth Plan in English for yourself and your close ones to discuss, if you wish so. However, this set provides you a unique opportunity to create a Birth Plan in Polish as well, so that you can take it with you to any Polish hospital and not worry about the staff not understanding your wishes or speaking only poor English.


Absolutely no Polish knowledge is required to complete the process! And that's due to the fact that on the additional pages you will find the Choice Tiles and Birth Plan Template parts of the Birth Planner - exactly the same ones that are included in your English version. They are ordered in exactly the same way as they are in the English version, so you can easily fill out your Birth Plan without the need for any translation.


Format: pdf download

No. of pages: 21


***PAYMENT IN EUR POSSIBLE: contact me at***

Birth Planner (English) + Plan (Polish)

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