Birth Planner by mokoshka is not an ordinary birth plan <3


It is a workbook that will take you on a journey. Its destination is not only a birth plan, but also a much deeper knowledge and understanding of your own birth vision and assumptions. You'll have the opportunity to refine the details, think various available options through, feel what is best for you - and in the end, effortlessly put it into a document that will be attached to your medical record.


The Birth Planner workbook is perfect for you if you're a beginner, step by step learning all the birth essentials. The Planner is like a set of signposts - it shows you where the various roads lead and you, by doing your own research in those fields, decide which of them will be good for you and your baby.


The Birth Planner is also a great tool for more experienced women and those who already have given birth once or more. With this workbook you will reach the deep parts of your soul, searching for YOUR OWN vision of a good birth - no matter what your previous experiences might have been, each birth is different! - as well as organise your knowledge about possible birth choices.


The uniqueness of the Planner is based on its focus on process. A clear, easy-to-read Birth Plan is its end effect, but what's most important in your work with the Planner is... the work itself :) It raises your awareness and self-confidence in regard to the upcoming birth, but also helps you organise the info you already have and the process of searching for more.


Format: pdf download

No. of pages: 14

Birth Planner

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